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formerly exhibited at UIC


A testament to resilience and strength in the face of uncertainty, Transition showcases artists who document their experiences living within—and transitioning out of—situations of homelessness. The visual artwork, creative writing, and audio interviews presented foreground the light that these artists create in times of turmoil, navigating a situation that does not define their identity or determine their future circumstances. Resilience is the armor that they wear to brave the everyday elements and emotions of homelessness, and creativity helps them process the journey; through this journey, a powerful story is born.

The artwork included in Transition was created by students and advocates of One Heart One Soul, a traveling organization that visits drop-in centers, transitional homes and shelters to connect with youth experiencing homelessness. One Heart One Soul's traveling art program, Called to Create, provides direct services to these young people using literary and visual art processes. Founded by artist and educator Mireya Fouche in 2010, One Heart One Soul uses the arts to empower and encourage youth in homelessness while educating communities.

This exhibition is curated by Zamari Vivens and Kasey White with support from Rose Cannon (MA Candidate, Museum & Exhibition Studies UIC) and Mireya Fouche (Founder, One Heart One Soul)

"With a combined 15 years of impactful experience, Fouche said the social enterprise partnership will provide employment training, nationally recognized certificates, tangible resources and vast opportunities to help youth through their season of hardship and hopefully end the cycle of youth homelessness."...Read More
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