Research shows Trauma survivors engaging in art supports the survivor to make choices, problem solve and safely learn how to navigate trauma reactions and stresses.

Our Mission

The mission of ONE HEART ONE SOUL is to use the power of arts, community, & innovation to connect, empower and encourage youth experiencing homelessness. 

Pillars of Action

Our trauma-informed care has three distinct goals through our pillars of action:

(1) Providing interactive workshops to homeless youth that focus on creative expression, developing positive outlets and building entrepreneurial skills through the creation of literary and visual works (2) Creating no age-out programs that directly serve marginalized populations and provide them with access to the resources and support they need through our; and (3) Creating initiatives that focus on engaging with communities while exposing and educating communities to the world of homelessness.

Our Vision

One Heart One Soul's vision is to create a world where youth experiencing seasons of homelessness are seen as more than their current situation. A world where our youth are provided with the resources and safety they need to transition out of homelessness and are supported in doing so by the communities they reside in.  

Meet the Team

Leading in diversity, empathy, relatability, passion and dependability.

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