Research shows Trauma survivors engaging in art supports the survivor to make choices, problem solve and safely learn how to navigate trauma reactions and stresses.

Our Mission

The mission of One Heart One Soul is to use the power of arts, community, & innovation to connect, empower and encourage youth experiencing homelessness. 

Pillars of Action

Our trauma-informed care has three distinct goals through our pillars of action:

(1) Providing interactive workshops to homeless youth that focus on creative expression, developing positive outlets and building entrepreneurial skills through the creation of literary and visual works (2) Creating no age-out programs that directly serve marginalized populations and provide them with access to the resources and support they need through our; and (3) Creating initiatives that focus on engaging with communities while exposing and educating communities to the world of homelessness.

Our Vision

One Heart One Soul's vision is to create a world where youth experiencing seasons of homelessness are seen as more than their current situation. A world where our youth are provided with the resources and safety they need to transition out of homelessness and are supported in doing so by the communities they reside in.  

Meet the Team

Leading in diversity, empathy, relatability, passion and dependability.


Mireya Fouche 


The root of Mireya’s life work is stemmed in people, purpose, and believing that all people have a purpose. As a first generation Mexican-American and mother to a Haitian-Mexican son, she actively puts her faith to work with disadvantaged communities.  


After finding herself in a season of homelessness while completing college in Los Angeles, Mireya moved back to Chicago and, at 27 years of age, launched the 501c3 organization, One Heart One Soul.

She’s had the honor of speaking on topics of Youth Homelessness and Poverty at Northwestern University, Creativity through Social Justice at UIC, and many more platforms such as Univision and DuSable Museum of African American History. Notable awards from the Illinois Department of Corrections and Dr. King Drum Major Awardee reflect her vision for impact though her greatest passion comes as an educator; guiding underserved youth through tapping into their creativity and finding the confidence to monetize from their own stories. Mireya is currently Co-Executive Director of Monarch Thrift Shop, a social enterprise partner of One Heart One Soul; her published writings can be found here. 

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Frederick Brown III, MBA

Board Member

Frederick Brown  obtained his MBA from Washington University; his experience and strengths come through strategic planning, delivering solutions to increase operational efficiencies and is currently the Relationship Manager/Sales Solutions for LinkedIn.Mr. Brown is passionate about creating organization success, moving visions forward effectively while training for marathons and volunteering in One Heart One Soul art workshops. More can be found here https://www.linkedin.com/in/flbiii


David Robertson 

Board Member

David D. Robertson is Managing Partner for the Intention Group, LLC. A graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, David received his Master of Arts degree from the department of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies. His research and expertise focuses on aligning curriculum to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and supporting organizations in creating and tailoring programs and services that impact communities with diverse needs.


As a corporate trainer and speaker he has consulted with a number of community, healthcare, and educational organizations at the local, national, and international level.David is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Hope Is Foundation–a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Hope Is Foundation envisions communities where individuals and organizations are inspired to commit their talents and resources toward innovative problem solving in their communities.

Verneccia Etienne

Board Member

Verneccia “Shay” Etienne is CEO and Head Designer of Verneccia Etienne Apparel. She has been recognized for her work as a celebrity stylist, runway shows and being winner of the national TLC’s Hayley Ever After. Her business mindset and creativity brings great value to our youth and programs.


Amanda Hines

Events Chairperson

Amanda Hines joins One Heart One Soul as the 2020 Events Chairperson. Amanda joins OHOS with a background in interior design and events management along with a world of creativity, compassion and grit. Amanda has taken charge in planning several interactive upcoming fundraising events and we hope you can join us!


"Every time I'm at a OHOS event, I'm humbled, I'm learning, and I'm surrounded by so many beautiful souls. I'm so excited and truly honored to be able to create that experience for even more beautiful souls this year."