Our Programs

Our programs involves the power to connect, empower, and break the cycles of youth homelessness. 



Art Talk

We host monthly events for our community members to experience a segment of our traveling art workshops we've brought to shelters serving youth in homelessness for over a decade.


Call to Create (Unspoken Words)

Since 2010 One Heart One Soul has been the traveling art program working in shelters, drop-in centers, and transitional spaces bringing the power of arts to those experiencing homelessness.



RiseUp Retail Social Enterprise

This partnership is with Monarch Thrift Shop & One Heart One Soul. Classes are held at Monarch Thrift Shop with hands-on learning and training also provided at and by Monarch Thrift Shop. OHOS recruits the students who are either experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness


Transition Exhibit

A testament to resilience and strength in the face of uncertainty, Transition showcases artists who document their experiences living within—and transitioning out of—situations of homelessness. The visual artwork, creative writing, and audio interviews presented foreground the light that these artists create in times of turmoil, navigating a situation that does not define their identity or determine their future circumstances. 




Communities came together to collect, donate and physically distribute winter items leading us to collect over 700 item; since then we've launched into Los Angeles and have collected well over 3,000 items, serving well thousands of  homeless community in Chicago and East Los Angeles.


Voice Within

The newest platform created as a way to invite you, the reader, into our sessions without physically being there. May you take a moment to paint a picture with these words and see the faces of hope, laughter, joy, hurt, sadness and beautiful souls that we have the honor to experience in each session.



Writing Block

One Heart and One Soul's storytelling and writing blog to share created by our participants, volunteers, youth homelessness, and our community partners.