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Retail Social Enterprise

National Retail Foundation is the accredited nationally recognized program we partner with to get our youth certified.

About Retail Social

Each session runs 6-8 weeks but students can test sooner if they feel ready.


The next session is set to begin at the end of September after Labor Day.


This partnership is with Monarch Thrift Shop & One Heart One Soul. Classes are held at Monarch Thrift Shop, hands-on learning and training also provided at and by Monarch Thrift Shop. OHOS recruits the students who are either experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. We have worked with students whose parents were at risk of homelessness and completing this program would help them obtain employment and be of support to their parents.

"Change Through Retail"

The “Change Through Retail” program offered through One Heart One Soul is an instructor led educational experience into the vast world of the retail industry. This program walks students through the basics of working in the retail industry including, understanding Retail as a whole, providing quality customer service, understanding the operating components that help retail stores succeed, and understanding the different types of roles available within the industry. We also combine this learning experience within store training so that students get the opportunity to not only learn the concepts but put them into practice as well. Student will also have the chance to be compensated for their time as actual employees of retail would be and we offer vouchers to cover both food and transportation for those in need. 

This program is designed to give students the opportunity to not only start but advance their careers in one of the most widely known industries that is constantly growing, changing, evolving, and looking for the next leaders to help it continue to thrive.  Upon completing the program students will receive a nationally accredited certificate, through the Rise Up organization, that qualifies them to work in the retail industry as well as the opportunity to fast track through the hiring process at certain companies that partner with Rise Up such as McDonalds and Home Depot. Graduating students will also receive an up to date Linkedin Profile completed through Linkedin’ s Rock Your Profile program that will partner students with Linkedin employees. This is designed to help them create and/or transform their Linkedin profiles to begin their professional networking journey’s and display their accreditation proudly. Students do not have to have completed high school to participate as this program has no prerequisites for joining. 

We look forward to having you be apart of our next Cohort and truly show that world that we are all CALLED TO CREATE! 

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