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Join us, together we celebrate graduations, commitment and community.

As we prepare for May Mental Health Awareness Month, we reflect on the challenges brought forth in 2020 and our ability to press forward, launch new programs and initiatives. For over 10 years One Heart One Soul has been the traveling art program creating SEL sessions for youth experiencing homelessness while creating entrepreneurial platforms that highlight owning ones narrative and guiding youth to profit from their own creativity.

Earlier this year we had the amazing opportunity to expand our services into ages k-5, serving children living in domestic violence shelters in partnership with Latino Policy Forum and Chicago HOPES for Kids.

Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting these programs starting with our nationally recognized Rise Up retail program in partnership with Monarch Thrift Shop.

Join us, together we celebrate graduations, commitment and community.

"The program was an exciting time filled with unforeseen challenges due to COVID-19 changing the nature of how classes would proceed in a more virtual capacity. Even amidst those challenges it was encouraging to see members of the first cohort find ways to thrive regardless. There were a few students who, unfortunately, could not proceed with the new structure but we were still able to see success from the program. I enjoyed facilitating topics and concepts (both known and new) to students who had the chance to draw upon real life examples and experiences to help with understanding them. Getting to see the growth week over week, hear about the additional work and reading they were doing in between classes and just witness them generally start to grasp complex material was an amazing experience as a facilitator and hands down my favorite part of working with the amazing youth of this first cohort." Frederick L. Brown, III


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