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‘Transition’ showcases perseverance

photo courtesy of Rose Cannon

When Zamari Vivens, 27, experienced homelessness a few years ago, he turned to art as an emotional outlet to cope with the uncertainty of his living situation. Instead of resorting to a harmful activity, Vivens says he produced photos and music to express his feelings. It's been five years since he's been homeless, but the art he created is part of a new exhibit aptly called "Transition."

The exhibit, which opened January 17 at Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, highlights artwork from youth experiencing and transitioning out of homelessness. It seeks to bring humanity, livelihood, and an understanding of their struggles to the public and examine our culture's view of youth homelessness.

Cocurated by Vivens and fellow artist Kasey White, the exhibit is in partnership with UIC [Museaum and Exhibition Studies student Rose Cannon] and nonprofit One Heart One Soul, whose traveling art program...(READ MORE)


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