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Thank you, Walgreens!

Early February 2019 one of our awesome supporters connected us to Walgreens who invited to host a private silent auction for One Heart One Soul artwork. Can we say, "Hello Innovative Awareness!"? The hope was that this would bring awareness to the program and talented youth but also providing employees an opportunity to gift their loved ones art made with power, truth and love. This was Valentines Day. So our youth jumped at the opportunity to create. Because, well, if an opportunity is presented...why not, right? They were excited and nervous but once we reminded them that we are providing the art supplies and cost of printing they need only to create, a loud exhale happened across the city. As a result, several hundreds of dollars worth of art work were sold in one day. Poetry, painting and photography was exhibited; reflective of stories, journeys and hopes. This is why we exist. Thank you for your continued support that helps makes these opportunities possible for youth in seasons of homelessness to create, express, sell artwork and together, raise awareness about the need for access to affordable housing.

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