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Presenting From The Heart Brings in Micro-Grant

"Congratula​tions! We are pleased to announce that your project is one of the four outstanding grant proposals selected to be presented at the July 18th dinner salon!"...was the email received on July 10, 2012. As excited as we were to be a finalist, we knew it was time to show others what we believed in. With this being the first grant One Heart One Soul was up for we didn't really know what to expect, but we knew that pictures were louder than words. Therefore our presentation spoke through pictures, facts, goals we've met and most importantly the voices of UNSPOKEN WORDS. After ten-minutes of from-the-heart dialect we felt a sense of relief in knowing that even if we didn't win this grant we were given the platform to let new people know our hearts and hear our voices. The night continued with a light supper on the rooftop amongst great conversation, moments of answering questions, and just becoming familiar with new faces who truly believed in what we did. Hours passed of people voting for whom they think should be awarded this micro-grant; the time had come to hear the results. "We thank everybody for coming out and all of the great organizations who presented. The winner of our first time Chicago Civic Grant goes to One Heart One Soul!", says the announcer. If you cannot imagine how excited we were to hear this then please scroll down and see our happy clap picture! I looked over at my cubby bears (aka youth of UNSPOKEN WORDS) and felt a huge sense of accomplishment over them. I've seen their dedication and commitment and now they too see the results of dedication and commitment! The first thing on our list is to purchase cameras in order to have photography back into the program. Greater things are yet to come and we thank you for being a part of this journey with us! We are proud to announce that we are the first recipients of the Chicago Civic Grant brought forth by Burners Without Borders Chicago.

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