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Confessions of One Heart One Soul --The Intro

Some have supported this vision, this purpose, this struggle and others, well this may be the first you hear of One Heart One Soul. Whichever the reason is that you sit with us, I believe that you just sitting with us in this moment deserves you the right to know more than your eye can see. I open these doors to the world around me and invite you into the seed of my womb--I invite you into the heart of One Heart One Soul. One Heart One Soul was incorporated on September 14, 2011, and started as a vision without financial backing or financial savings. To this day, every program we have created has not been funded through grants or governmental funding but by the favor of God and the people He sends before us to bless the vision. June 25, 2012 will be the 1st year anniversary of “UNSPOKEN WORDS, a voice for homeless youth,”celebrating the platform created for homeless youth of Chicago to speak out through art, while growing through personal achievements. November 2011 was the 2nd year anniversary of “UMatter: Chicago Winter Drive,” through which--since 2010--we were able to serve about 1,000 people in need while praying with many throughout Chicago nights. A journey will take its toll, but trust in the Lord with all your heart and see Him work you through. I say that to say this: I have cried, doubted, and grown weary; I have been hurt, angry, felt alone and betrayed. Every journey has its turning points, and mine were reached through praying and pressing through. I see that I have also grown closer to Him. I was trusted with people in my life. I was given the power to love people--to speak to strangers as if we had met twice before! Best of all, I have been blessed almost every Saturday since June 25, 2011 by youth of the art program. Like most people I was hesitant to start something in which I did not spend years planning, I was of little faith. Yet, God did not give up on something He knew would change lives, touch lives, and reach lives. The doors of One Heart One Soul are open in sharing the vision, the faith, the love, weariness, and growth--the journey. I hope that these words not only encourage you to stay connected with us, but to stay connected with each other, pressing through and towards the mark. The Vision, The Fear, The Faith, The Acts of Love, The Weariness, Prayer, The Growth.

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