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Called to Create

"If we are created in the image of God, then we too are called to create. Our stories are worth more than gold, and creating takes courage." - Fouche

About Unspoken Words now Called to Create

UNSPOKEN WORDS, a voice for homeless youth held its first art session on the South Side of Chicago, 2011. The vision of this program was to accomplish

two things:

raise awareness surrounding youth homelessness while eliminating misconceptions, and

provide a productive and creative outlet for youth in seasons of homelessness to express themselves.


Fast-forward seven years -- we recognize the power of this program but also the missed opportunities caused by instability. So we decided to create a tour-like art program and travel across into homeless youth drop-in centers, transitional homes and shelters to bring the power of conversation and art into spaces.

To date, a little over 900 pieces of work have been created by youth in seasons of homelessness. Our work has just begun.