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‘Transition’ showcases perseverance

The art exhibit seeks to bring humanity and life to youth experiencing homelessness.

by Ariel Parrella-Aureli for The Chicago Reader

January 21, 2020

Check out this amazing article the Chicago Reader just printed about our exhibit "TRANSITION" written by Ariel Parella-Aureli. The article features our very own former students Zamari Vivens and Kasey White who curated the exhibit, in partnership with One Heart One Soul and UIC Museum and Exhibition Studies student Rose Cannon. Zamari and Kasey share what led them to choose the pieces for the exhibit, and what they hope those who visit the exhibit will experience, as they showcase not what is but what can be as we all continue to transition. To read the full article, click below and head over to the Chicago Reader.

The "TRANSITION" exhibit, located at 5th floor of the Gallery, 400 S. Peoria, is still going on now and you can click here to schedule your tour today!
Rey of The Score, Rose, Frederick

Rey Diaz of The Score, Rose Cannon (UIC Museum and Exhibition Studies Student) Frederick Brown, III (Board)



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WTTW "Fear No Art Chicago"

We had the honor of sharing our stories through the amazing platform WeOurStory. So here, in this moment, we invite you into our journey of using art through our seasons of homelessness.
"Something amazing happens when we become aware of the burdens that weigh on other people. Mireya, from One Heart One Soul, knows the weight of homelessness firsthand. Having moved to Los Angeles, Mireya found herself homeless for a season, depending on the kindness of others to give her a place to stay. Mireya shares her story and how this experience moved her to create an organization (One Heart One Soul) that uses art as a platform to bring life to homeless youth."
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