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About Us

“In a world full of chaos, here we find peace to create. We all know that our current times are heavy on our mind, body and soul but what many don’t know is how crucial processing is. We should all have a space to process; Burying our feelings, our thoughts, our hurt, our rage, our hope and dreams is unfair to our souls. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing arts to youth in seasons of homelessness.

We are One Heart One Soul; a traveling organization that visits homeless youth drop-in centers, transitional homes and shelters to connect with youth. Here colors reflect our thoughts and words reflect our journey. We invite you into this beautiful journey with us."


- Mireya Fouche

One Heart One Soul's traveling art program provides direct services to youth experiencing homelessness using literary and visual works. We understand poverty makes it difficult to afford transportation and that's why we travel into youth drop-in centers, shelters and transitional homes. As a registered 501c3 organization, we're using the power of arts to empower and encourage youth in homelessness while educating communities.