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Voices of Our Youth

These youth participated in our Unspoken Words program.

Meet Ameerah


"I love that OHOS gives me the space to create and express myself freely in any medium."


"A memory I have with OHOS is the art show at the Silver Room. Seeing something I created get sold is something I’ll never forget. I also got to meet a lot of great people."

"OHOS helped me get back in touch with art. Life got me away from it and OHOS reintroduced me to it. Having the freedom to express myself is therapeutic I thank them for that."

"Right now I’m on track with going back to school and getting my life together."

"One Heart One soul really just brought out the talent I already had and just let me express it in a way that I wanted to."

"The thing I enjoyed most about One Heart One Soul is that no matter how old I got or where I was in life I was always welcomed. I was always asked for my input on things so that made me feel apart of the process. My favorite memory will always be the art shows. I've been a part of every art show they've had as one of the original members."

"Now in life, I'm still trying to figure it out. There's no black and white, there's always a grey part and for some reason I'm always stuck in it. So I take it as it comes and I just ride with the waves...rocky or smooth."

Meet Kasey