TRANSITION Virtual Exhibit now Live!

The TRANSITION exhibit was scheduled to run through May 2020; due to Stay at Home orders the exhibiting space has been closed so we have decided to move the exhibit to this virtual platform. Why? Because these audio interviews are filled with power, honesty, information and resilience. These interviews provide insight on youth who experienced - and transitioned out of - homelessness. Together, let's take a stroll through this virtual exhibit... HOME is a snapshot of this powerful exhibit. THIS is where the exhibit comes to life; with options of tuning in to hear Kasey, Zamari, Chris and Aaron We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these audio interviews!

How Are You Being Creative in These Times?

Oftentimes we find it incredibly hard to pause and process what we're experiencing. We know this because we've lived this. For the past ten years we have traveled into homeless youth centers encouraging youth to allow themselves the space to create through uncomfortable and oftentimes traumatic seasons -- create poems, drawings, music, business plans, ideas, etc. Why? Because we truly believe that creating brings a gift of healing. In all seasons, we are all called to create. We would love to know what you're creating in this season! Share with us here or tag us on social media! Who knows...what you're creating today could bring healing to a stranger tomorrow. Mireya Fouche, Founder We i

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