A Single Mother's Love & Journey

For my last interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer. Her story is one that many other individuals are likely to relate to. It is the story of not quite living on the streets, but not having a secure place to live, of always being displaced. Before her season of homelessness, Jennifer lived with her boyfriend. They had a child together, something that her family did not approve of. She was disowned by her family. Her boyfriend was irresponsible with their money, often wasting it on things other than their rent or food. She realized that she couldn’t stay with him, she had a baby girl to look after now, and so she left. Jennifer worked three jobs, struggling to support her daugh

It’s All About Seasons

For my second interview, I had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Byron, one of our speakers at One Heart One Soul. Byron, like many other individuals, had a fairly stable home life before his season of homelessness. He had a wife, children, and a job in insurance. But sometimes life just happens to you. Unbeknownst to Byron, he was suffering from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. His job, along with several other personal issues factored into his anxiety and depression. He was not happy or healthy within his insurance job. Thus he decided to pursue another method of income. Byron invested in a company after leaving his job. At the same time, he had also been handling his divorce. Now with

Through Eyes as a Youth

It’s no secret that there are many misconceptions about homelessness. Oftentimes, some individuals are under the impression that those who are experiencing homelessness brought their situation upon themselves. Of course, that is certainly not the case. There can be multiple factors that can cause a person to enter a bout homelessness. Within my own journey to learn more about the experiences that others endure with homelessness, I had the honor of interviewing my fellow intern, Zamari, who has his own story to share. When I asked Zamari about how it all started, he expressed to me that he had some personal issues with his father. He woke up one morning and learned that he had to leave the ho

Re:Imagine Homelessness

The purpose of this initiative is to shine light on the variety of reasons people have entered into a season of homelessness. For nearly a decade One Heart One Soul has traveled into homeless youth drop-in centers, transitional spaces, adult emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters and yes, even colleges and universities. What we learned was that there is not one cause for homelessness nor one face. In our Called to Create traveling workshops we’ve asked youth in shelters how they feel society views them to which they shared: Dirty // Beggars // Lazy // Hopeless So we started thinking, what would it look like if we helped society re:imagine homelessness to understand these are false de

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