Confessions of One Heart One Soul --The Intro

Some have supported this vision, this purpose, this struggle and others, well this may be the first you hear of One Heart One Soul. Whichever the reason is that you sit with us, I believe that you just sitting with us in this moment deserves you the right to know more than your eye can see. I open these doors to the world around me and invite you into the seed of my womb--I invite you into the heart of One Heart One Soul. One Heart One Soul was incorporated on September 14, 2011, and started as a vision without financial backing or financial savings. To this day, every program we have created has not been funded through grants or governmental funding but by the favor of God and the people

The Art of Time

"If anyone has ever told you that you can't do anything then they are liars because you can do anything you set your mind to do, and if you believe this then I'll need you to get up and try again." Words of reassurance, truth, and encouragement spoken clearly by Terrence Martin, a poet who is also this seasons poetry & spoken word teacher for our program "UNSPOKEN WORDS, a voice for homeless youth". We forget the power of words and fail to realize its impact on lives, in due time all that we say and all that we hear may become all that we are. Excuse me as I take a moment to be transparent about things I realized today: I can honestly say that the more time I spend with these youth, AKA cu

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